At Ajman Bank, transparency, accountability and organizational integrity are of utmost importance and top priorities in all activities of the bank. In recognition of this role, Ajman Bank’s Board and Management provides the opportunity for all stakeholders, including its staff, customers (existing and prospect), vendors and the public, to confidentially report wrongdoings by any Ajman Bank staff or its authorized agents. Such reporting will enable Ajman Bank to take immediate action and avert potential fraud, corruption and misuse of authority, if such information is timely received.

Through this confidential channel, you can anonymously report corruption, fraud, undisclosed conflicts of interest, ethical violations, and non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations by Ajman Bank staff or any of its authorized agents.

If you choose to disclose your identity, your details will be held in confidence to the fullest extent possible as per UAE’s Laws.

Alternatively,  you can use other ways to submit a report:

  1. Hotline: Call on 06-7018244 to directly speak to the Head of Compliance about your concern.
  2. Anonymous Email: Anonymously send email at: whistle.blow@ajmanbank.ae.
  3. Mail: Send physical letter addressed to “The Head of Compliance”, PO Box 7770, Ajman, UAE
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