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Internal Shari'ah Control Committee(ISCC)
Internal Shari'ah Control Committee(ISCC)
  • Internal Sharia Control Committee (ISCC)

    The ISCC is responsible for ensuring that Ajman Bank’s activities are in compliance specifically with AAOIFI Sharia Standards and generally with the Sharia laws and principles. The ISCC meets at least four times a year or as frequently as required. All day to day activities and urgent matters referred to the Executive Member of the ISCC.

    The ISCC is entrusted with the duty of providing advice and reviewing all products and services with the relevant contracts and agreements relating to the Bank’s transactions to ensure that the Bank’s activities are at all times consistent with the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. The ISCC is responsible to the General Assembly and submits an annual report for their consideration post approval of the annual report by the Higher Sharia Authority of the UAE Central Bank. 

    Ajman Bank Internal Sharia Control Committee (ISCC) members are highly reputed Sharia Scholars with intensive experience in Fiqh-al-Muamalaat, Law, economics, banking and financial systems.

    The member of the Internal Sharia Control Committee (ISCC) of Ajman Bank as follows: 

    • Prof. Dr. Hussain Hamid Hassan, Chairman and Executive Member – ISCC   
    • Prof. Dr. Jassim Ali Salem Al Shamsi, Deputy Chairman and Member – ISCC  
    • Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ahmed Al-Shall Al Teneji, Member – ISCC


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Sharia Compliance
Ajman Bank committed to ensure the business complying with Sharia Law and inspiring the Sharia values. Our In-house Sharia Compliance Division is directly reporting to the Internal Sharia