Interactive E-statement

Go Green! We now offer Interactive e-Statements  – replacing your paper statements . They contain exactly the same information as your paper statement with a touch of being Interactive. It helps eliminate paperwork and gives you a quick and easy way to access your monthly bank statement. By turning off your paper statement and receiving all your statements online, you are doing your part to help the environment.


Why Interactive e-Statement

Flexibility: Print and access e-Statements whenever you require

Delivery: You will receive the statement of 1st of every month , so you are not required for the mail to be delivered to you

Security: You Interactive e-Statement is password protected

Free: Its free to receive Interactive e-statement , just register through the required channels

Convenience: You don’t need to store any more paper. Interactive e-Statement can be saved on your PC, this way you can manage your statements more efficiently.

Getting Started

How to Register

There are 4 ways to register for Interactive e-Statements

- Online Banking, Phone Banking, SMS and Branches

Online Banking

1. You first need to update your profile with the email address

2. Select e-Statement option from the menu

3. Confirm your email id

4. Once the above options are selected, you will start receiving your

e-statements from the next month


Phone Banking

1. Call 800 22 and connect to an agent

2. The agent will verify your details and update your email

address for Interactive e-Statement

3. Once the above Information is updated in the system you will

start receiving your e-Statements from the next month

4. You can also get adhoc Interactive e-Statements from the last

month through call centre



1. SMS your email id “estat “ to 6466 to register for

Interactive e-Statements from your registered mobile number



1. Visit any of our branches and submit service request form


Note: Please be informed that starting December 2016, Consumer Individual Customers will be receiving only Interactive e-Statements, as printed statements will be discontinued. If you want to continue with paper statement kindly call 800 22 or visit any nearest branch. Charges for paper statement will be AED 10 per month.

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