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Ajman Bank’s Consumer Banking flagship product is their Shariah compliant Home Finance product catering to Resident & Non Resident Individual (Salaried or Self Employed) who are interested in buying residential properties or Investment Real Estate properties.

With Ajman Bank customers can buy their dream property by getting the finance and repaying the amount in installments on monthly basis. These properties can be in form of Apartments, Villas, Townhouses, compound villas, buildings, residential and industrial land, which can be registered in respective emirate’s Land’s department.

Types of properties being financed

  • Ready Properties
  • Under-Construction Properties
  • Equity Release
  • Government Housing Program
  • Land Finance
  • MAP
Ready Properties
Individual (Salaried or Self Employed) who are interested in buying completed residential properties in the form of Apartments, Villas, Townhouses, compound villas, buildings, etc. Ajman Bank
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Under-Construction Properties
Under this product variant, customer approaches the Bank and requests for financing in order to construct a house or villa. The customer would either opt for self-construction or construction through
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Equity Release
Equity Release is a convenient yet effective option for a customer to avail cash against the value tied up in their property. Equity Release gives homeowners the flexibility of making use of their
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Govt. Housing Program
The federal and local governments in UAE are providing housing assistance to UAE nationals through prominenthousing programs which are (but not limited to):- National Housing Loan
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Land Finance
Ajman Bank launched Land Finance in 2014 as a unique and innovative Shariah compliant offering for both UAE Nationals and Expatriates to purchase land for purpose of investment or construction for
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MAP is an unmatched mortgage finance that makes home ownership really affordable. With initial low investments you can move into your ready home and pay really low installments: Pay as low as AED
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